We are a Narcotics Anonymous group based out of New Jersey. Narcotics Anonymous is a group of men and women who have all struggled with sobriety. Getting sober and staying clean is always going to be the most difficult parts of recovery.

At “NJ Clean and Sober Direction” we accept anyone to join our meetings. They only have to follow the one rule: they need to want to get clean. Narcotics Anonymous is a nonprofit. We don’t accept charity, and we do not affiliate with other groups or business.

Generally, Narcotics Anonymous meetings are run based on our 12-Steps Principles. We choose to accept that there is a higher power out there. Then we give ourselves to that higher power. It is essential that we try and make amends with any people that we have hurt.

There are both open meetings and closed meetings. Open meetings are available to anyone in public. Closed meetings are only meant for those who have suffered from drug addiction.

Addiction is a problem that can isolate you from your former life. It can drive away friends and family and leave you feeling lost and alone. A good support network is necessary for you to thrive in recovery.

At “NJ Clean and Sober Direction”  we hope to do just that- give you direction. We want to provide support when you’ve had none. Holding yourself accountable is also a huge part of recovery and having a support group can help with that.

Come to one of our meetings and see if we are a good fit for you. We don’t pass, and we will welcome you with open arms.

The only expectation we have is for you to want to get and stay clean. Otherwise, come as you are.