Extraordinary Rendition Patriot Act

It might seem that the Rendition Patriot Act serves for the protection of the State but in fact, it has been taken as most inhuman torture by the department of justice. Under the law that speaks against any cruel, inhuman, degrading treatment by the US since 1992. Extraordinary Rendition is actually a partnership between the State Government and CIA which is an intelligence gathering agenda that transfers the national suspects involved in terrorism for detention and comprehensive interrogation with the CIA’s international safeguard. It’s the detention and interrogation that is the controversial part according to the department of justice. The detention and interrogation are carried by US personnel or detention centers run by the State and according to the State’s judiciary system, the inhuman treatment is not justifiable. The fact that on just the basis of doubt the suspects are tortured in various manners has attracted attention from the time it began in 1987. The Rendition Act came into steep application as per the former President Bill Clinton after the terrorist attacks on the world trade centers in September 2001. After which in just a couple of years the Rendition program expanded dramatically estimating up to 150 US nationals as its victims. Expanding its interrogation up to Afghanistan, Jordon, Iraq, Egypt and Syria and these Renditions are carried outside the surveillance of court. According to the State law, the term Rendition comes under legal proficiency by the state law and so the indulgence of the court is unnecessary.

The Rendition and interrogation involve techniques such as ‘walling’, ‘water dousing’, ‘wall standing’, ‘facial hold’ and ‘attention grasp’ all of which are authorized by the Bush administration and are collectively termed as ‘Enhanced Interrogation Techniques’. The controversies of the registered cases of the suspects tell us far more inhumanity than stated. Due to the lack of legal surveillance, the torture is taken as an advantage and the numerous reported cases were identified as innocent victims. The court of Human Rights has always raised their voice against its removal but till date no member of CIA has been persecuted for convicted torture. Bush and Obama’s administration was successful enough to subside the controversial background of Rendition by opposing the efforts and outsourcing the whole thing. The captives held in Syria and Egypt tell us the different story while these counties themselves hands down refuse to present themselves responsible.

In the defense of the Rendition act the constitution is said to be legal and doesn’t violate any human rights and now particularly under the presidency of Trump the act takes further turn towards high controversy once again. The debate is simply under the fact that it’s been over a decade that any terrorist attack has taken place so how far does protecting your own State has to go for providing a suspect life under such heinous treatment. It is not reasonable to tap the suspect’s phone, email and home without a warrant but is it is justified to perform such inhuman treatment under any ethical law?