Member's Stories

I joined the NJ Clean and Sober Directions two years ago. I had been using drugs for six months and got kicked out by my boyfriend at the time. I really didn’t have anywhere to go and couldn’t pay for rehab. When I showed up at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, they took me under their wing right away.

Somehow they got me into rehab. Did you know there are all sorts of programs at a state level that can help pay for your treatment? I sure didn’t. They made sure I got help to get better. After the program, I managed to meet my roommate here as well.

You would think of putting two former addicts in a house together wouldn’t be the best idea, but it was. We held each other accountable and called each other out. It was great having someone who understood and supported me. Plus, there was an easy no drug or alcohol rule in the house that we didn’t have to debate.

-Cynthia, 28

My mother told me to try it out actually. I didn’t think it would get me anywhere, you know? A bunch of addicts was meeting up to talk. But I didn’t realize how much I needed to speak.

I’m not the kind of guy to really talk about myself. But when I saw all these fantastic people opening up and sharing their weaknesses, I felt that I had to as well. Once I did, it changed everything.

I saw that they didn’t judge me. They really accepted me as I was. My mom loved me, of course. What mom wants their 38-year-old son living at home because they’re an addict? Her love led me to Directions, and I never looked back. They’ve helped turn me around.

-Johnny, 42