The goal of our Narcotics Anonymous Organization in New Jersey is to provide a safe space for those in need. We want to direct those who need care to where they can receive it. We desire to give support and understanding in all situations.

Passing judgment is not something we are allowed to do. We believe in a Higher Power who is the only one who can judge us, and who we pledge ourselves wholeheartedly to.

Narcotics Anonymous is the sister branch to Alcoholics Anonymous, which started thanks to a book published in the 1940s. We are a group that has been around for so long because we do good and we work well.

How We Work

We meet daily or weekly depending on what schedule you need. We often have friendly discussions and keep up with each other’s lives and struggles. We, of course, follow the 12-Steps. Significant parts of these steps include:

  • Accept that you have a problem with addiction
  • Decide to seek help actively
  • Examine yourself fully
  • Talk about yourself honestly
  • Do what you can to make amends with people you have hurt as long as it won’t hurt them more
  • Continue to help other drug addicts who want to stop using

We are not a religious organization and don’t have a belief system. We believe in spirituality and one’s self and trying to find peace within. It is important to recognize we have a purpose in this world.

To Narcotics Anonymous, recovery is a lifelong adventure. We never stop being addicts, we actively fight the addiction.

There is no membership limits and no fee to pay. If you want to join Narcotics Anonymous, you just have to want to stop using drugs. Come to a meeting today and see what we’re all about. There are many options to find a fit that is right for you.